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Start your own email marketing business today using our technology in your brand name.

Offer MorphyMail Email Marketer to your clients in your own branding & earn profit.


White Label Partner Program

Get our Lead Generation and Email Marketing software products re branded in your company’s brand name with your logo. Start marketing them to your existing clients or find new clients using our marketing tools and sell the products. Set Your own custom pricing and give us a fixed royalty fees per software. Get also a re branded website for marketing the software with custom design. Earn $3000 to $5000 every month.

Full training will be provided on how to give support to your clients through chat, phone and email. Cost for the morphymail private label Starts $29/month.

Morphymail private label – Just $29/month

We offer our white label partner program to interested website owners at $29/month for 3 new lifetime licenses every month. We will give KEYGEN for creating licenses/copies when you pay $29.  The software will be rebranded in your company name with your logo. You can sell each copy at any price you fix to your clients and keep all profits.  Once you start marketing your white labelled software, you can upgrade to higher plans according to the increase in your sales. If you need to sell upto 10 lifetime licenses in a month, cost is $79/month. For new 20 lifetime licenses cost is $129. For 50 lifetime licenses it is $199/month and for 100 new lifetime licenses every month, you have to pay $299.

“It would have taken years to do develop a project like morphymail by us. Frotunately I found this website. My clients are happy with the morphymail product as it has all imaginable features of a perfect email marketing software integrated in it.”

Boris Mesel

CEO, SODIT (www.sodit.com.br) , Brazil

Fix Any Price For Your Product

You can sell morphymail to your clients by fixing any price for it according to your sole discretion. For example If you sell 10 copies in a month for $80, your net profit would be $800-$79=$731.

Gain Trust Of Clients To Your Other Products/Services

MorphyMail is a bug free product which has been developed by taking 3.5 years of efforts of over 22 people which includes graphics designers, developers, project managers , test engineers etc. When you offer such an advanced and big budget product to your clients  under your brand name, the reputation of your company as a whole and the trust your customers have on you increases which in turn will  increase sales for the other existing products / services offered by your company.


Here are a few advantages your company is going to acquire when you offer MorphyMail to your clients along with your existing services and products.


Increase In Income


Increase in Sales To Other Products


Increase in Customer Enquiries


Increase in Reputation as a Brand

Download to Get Started

Test the efficacy of MorphyMail Email Marketer by downloading and installing it on your windows PC/LAPTOP.  This will help you make the right decision whether or not to offer it to your clients. Screenshot button above will let you see quick screenshots of the software too.