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Hire a full time remote employee from india for $475/month

Manpower is the most crucial asset of any organization. For a company to function properly it should have responsible
manpower who can manage its operations. In an organization there are different kinds of jobs. Some of these jobs are
outsourcable to a remote location to reduce the costs involved as the salary and other infrastructural expenses.

Hiring a permanent staff for doing a job in your country may cost you around 1500 USD to 2000 USD per month or even more.
Apart from that there are other commitments which you have to make.

At the same time, the same job can be outsourced to our staff in india for just $475/month.

We outsource both fresher & experienced manpower who can work for you and your business from our location.

No Contracts!!! No committment. You can withdraw at any time you wish with a 3 days notice.

You can hire software developers, degree engineers and commerce/economics graduates to work for full time. ie 8 hours a day
, 6 days a week. Cost is only $475/month. They can work in your own local country timings as per your requirement.

Monitor their work by using online time tracking software provided by www.workcomposer.com. Get screenshots of their
computer taken once in every 5 minutes automatically. Know what all apps and websites they take in their computer during
their work time using workcomposer.

Be confident that they work for 8 hours a day full time on your work by enabling automatic 10 minutes break-off in your
workcomposer software.

Our staff are mobility-impared candidates from both south and north india, which means they are having difficulty in
walking or moving. They are unable to goto regular office works and are working from their homes. That is the reason why our pricing are lesser when compared to other remote staff outsouring websites.

If you feel that $475 per month is a reasonable cost for a full time remote-worker, Please fill in the form to show your
interest and we will contact you with details of the staff.

We will also arrange an interview with the staff so that you can be sure about the talent you are hiring.