Buy SMTP Server | MorphyMail - 100% Free Email Marketing Software

MorphyMail Free Email Marketer requires an SMTP Server to relay emails


Here are various SMTP Providers which you can use for MorphyMail

GMAIL 500 emails/day per each gmail account limitation. Add atleast 10 gmail accounts to morphymail to send 5000 emails/day at a single click FREE CLICK HERE FOR SETTINGS
Amazon SES 100% inbox delivery. Donot allow more than 10% bounce rate. Donot allow sending emails to extracted or purchased email lists. $1 per each 10K emails sent. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP Allows promotional email sending to purchased lists. Starts $10 for 10K emails CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP
Your website's MailBox Usually has limitation of 240 emails/hour from one mailbox. Varies for different hosting providers FREE CLICK HERE FOR SETTINGS Does not allow purchased lists. FREE upto 6000 emails / month CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP